Imagine Your Needs Were Not Only Met, But Anticipated

The right case, with the right features for you /// every time. That is the reality of becoming a Stagegear customer. From your very first contact with us, you're building a relationship. A relationship with a company that can get just the right road case for you...every time.

  1. 21:1 Quality Assurance Program

    They say there's safety in numbers and rarely is this more true than the number of ways we protect your Stagegear purchase. Before your road case ever leaves the factory, it is rigorously checked at 21 points of manufacturing by one experienced set of eyes. Because while our warranty program is second to none, we would rather you never have to use itTM

  2. The Personal Principle

    hen you order a Stagegear road case you will be working with a single point of contact from your first call to your last. It is your assurance of a far more pleasant and efficient ordering process: a process that is available regardless of which case or the number of road cases you are ordering.

  3. Case Histories

    The world's most advanced road cases, backed by an equally innovative customer care program. At Stagegear, we want to make sure you remain a customer for life. To make that relationship as efficient and accurate as possible, every case you order is documented with your own detailed Case History. Everything about your case - including your needs and preferences - is meticulously documented to make sure you can quickly and easily order another Stagegear case with your unique design - at any time.

  4. Free Every 3

    The inevitabilities of life on the road can take their toll on your road case. That's why your Stagegear Series case is entitiled to a 12 point tune-up and inspection every three years.* Your service will include interior and exterior cleaning where possible, lubrication of any moving parts and a written report indicating non-covered repairs that might require your attention. It's a one-of-a-kind program available exclusively to Stagegear owners.


Utility Cases

When you're on the move, where do you store your mic stands, snakes, cables and other items that don't have the need for individual protection? You store them in a Utility Case.


Mixer Top Racks

The next time you see a road case described as possessing 'attention to detail' and offering 'ease of use' ask one simple question: How so? Stagegear welcomes that question

Work Boxes

When you're out on the road, there's no such thing as having too much storage. That's why Stagegear developed a complete line of purpose-built, multiple application Work Boxes.


Lighting Cases

Introducing lighting cases, Stagegear style. Stagegear has been a leader in the development of lighting cases for nearly two decades.


Utility Racks

Nearly 25 years ago, Stagegear began its business designing and building racks. And every year since then we've continued to improve on those originals.